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I’m getting back on the wagon! January 1, 2011

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Happy New Years y’all!  As you know, I’ve kinda fallen off the blogging wagon… Well, my goal (I’m not one to make a New Year’s resolution) this year is to get back to couponing and blogging.   And what a great time to revamp my binder!  There’s going to be 5 inserts tomorrow!  Check out the Sunday Coupon Preview to see what to expect.


Weekly Wrap-Up (yes, I know it’s only Monday!) 8/8/10 to 8/14/10 August 9, 2010

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I’m headed off to my brother’s wedding in Oregon for the next week so that’s why I’m doing my weekly wrap up on Monday!  I haven’t seen my family in over a year so I’m VERY excited to go home!


Spent: $6.15

($11.06 w/tax)

Saved: $61.55

90% Savings!

I ended up using my card and hubby’s card this week since the Dulcolax was such a huge money maker.  I had a $5 coupon from All You and a $4 coupon that I printed.  That’s actually were the majority ($6.00!!) of my before tax spending comes from.  I used the $9.99 EB from the second one to buy magazines for my trip and hubby’s FAVORITE pens which were on a killer sale (bogo @ $3.49 and I had 2 $1/1 coupons.  $1.49 for both packs!  Yay!)  I was going to buy the magazines for my trip anyways, probably at the airport for more money, so why not get some other things as well for the same price!  The razers were a killer find.  They are on sale Buy One Get One 50% Off and I used a BOGO coupon and a $3/1 coupon and got 2 packs of 4 razors for $0.38!!!  Heck yeah!!  I even found one bonus pack that had 6 in it.  So for $0.76 (which I used EB for) I got 18 of my favorite razors!  Yippee!!  I ❤ CVS to pieces!!!!



Spent: $4.32

($5.96 w/tax)

Saved: $32.10

87% Savings

I didn’t have any RRs to start out with this week so my out of pocket was a little higher than normal, but I really wanted to take advantage of the free body wash and money making deodorant and contact solution (which I give to friends since I don’t use it…) Oh, and I REALLY wanted some new nail polish, and at 99 cents it was the perfect filler!   The Secret is $2.39 and producing a $3RR!!  You don’t even have to do anything and you’re making money!  🙂  If I wasn’t leaving for vacation tomorrow night, I’m sure I’d have several more trips to Walgreens this week.



Spent: ZERO

($0.63 w/taxes)

Saved: $7.86

100% Savings!

I try to stay away from Target because mine is kind of a pain in the rear when it comes to coupons, but I have a hard time passing up free laundry detergent so everytime there is a $1/1 Tide coupon (in the P&G normally) I end up over there.  This time, I had a couple Clean and Clear coupons so I picked some travel bottles of those up too.


:::So here’s my totals:::

Spent $10.97

($17.65 w/tax)

Saved: $101.51

89% Savings this week!

:::Monthly totals so far:::

Spent: $36.67

($48.97 w/tax)

Saved: $208.75

82% Savings for the month!!




Gotta love the freebies!

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I went to my mailbox today and was surprised to see it was STUFFED!!!  So exciting because it’s been a bit slow for freebies lately…  Here’s what I got!

2 Entertainment Books

2 Novels (SO excited about these with my upcoming trip!)

Simple Green 2oz solution with bottle and $2/1 coupon

Coupon for FREE can of Libby’s veggies

Veria Vanilla Organic Lip Balm

My $3.00 check for taking a survey through Pinecone Research

Oh, and my new debit card that didn’t include in the picture.  SO glad to has one of those again!




Weekly Wrap-Up 8/1/10 to 8/7/10 August 6, 2010

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Spent: $1.57

(2.55 w/tax)

Saved: $34.69

96% Savings!!

Got some good clearance deals on my second trip this week.  My CVS had a bunch of their brand 2 liters for a quarter!  Yeah yeah!


Food City:

Spent: $6.78

($8.26 w/tax)


49% Savings

They were having a pretty decent Con Agra sale at Food City this week.  Buy 10, get $3 off automatically.  I paired that with the 30 cents off 2 Snack Packs and the $1.50 off 4 Con Agra items to get some cheap meals for when the hubby goes back to school.



Spent: $8.09

($9.65 w/tax)

Saved: $28.30

72% Savings!

I also got a gallon of milk that didn’t make it in the picture… I paired the General Mills 50% off sale with coupons (that Kroger doubled!) for some rockin’ deals on some snacks.  These will come in VERY handy on our trip next week.  I’ve been watching sales for a while now, trying to find some cheap snacks that are easy to pack so we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg at the airports!



Spent: $5.35

($6.07 w/taxes)

Saved: $25.01

79% Savings!

My Walgreens had these Photo Stamps on clearance for $4.99!!!  They are regularly $19.99!  Even better, I was out of stamps and these were cheaper than buying more at the post office and they’ve got my cute lil’ doggy on them!  🙂  I’m thinking I’m going to pic up another box next week if they still have some…



Spent: $3.91

($4.79 w/tax)

Saved: $6.00

45% Savings

Yet more travel things!  lol

So here’s my totals:

Spent: $25.70

($31.32 w/tax)

Saved: $107.24

76% Savings for the week


Monthly Totals so far:

It’s only week one, so same as above.  I’m a little over budget this week ($100/month) but I’m under what I was last month at this time!  🙂  I also bought some stuff this week that I normally wouldn’t buy, such as the fruit snacks and so many snack bars… I’m writing the overage off as ok since it’s for our trip home and the little extra out of the grocery budget will save us a ton at the airport!




Insert Preview 8/8/10

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:::Red Plum 8/8/10:::

Adult Zyrtec Save $2.00/1 ETS
Bayer Meter or Monitor, Includes Contour, Contour USB, Breeze 2, Didget or A1C Selfcheck Save $10.00/1
Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream, Gel or Spray Save $1.00/1 ETS
Benedryl product Save $1.00/1 ETS
Benevia Nutrition Drink 4-pack or 4 Single Bottle Save $3.00/1
Cesar Chewies Prime Rib Flavor Save $2.00/1
Cesar softies Treats Save $2.00/1
Contour or Breeze 2 Test Strips, 100ct or greater Save $2.00/1
Garnier Fructis any style product Save $1.00/1
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Save $1.00/1 ETS
Garnier Herbashine Color Crème w/ Bamboo extract Save $2.00/1
Garnier Nutrisse Shade, Multi-Lights Kit or 100% Color Save $2.00/1
Garnier Nutritioniste Cleanser or Moisturizer Save $2.00/1
Kellogg’s Cinnabon Cereal Save $.75/1
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Simply Cinnamon Cereal Save $.75/1
Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Antioxidant Cereals Save $.75/1
Kudos Granola Bars 10 Count Save $1.00/1
L’Oreal Colour Experte, Touch-On Highlights, Frost & Design or Colorist Secrets product Save $3.00/1
L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray 11oz or Standard size Save $3.00/1
Lactaid Fast Act, 32ct or larger Save $2.50/1
Land O’Frost Premium Lunchmeats Save $.55/1
Martha White Baking Mixes Save $1.00/4
Maybelline New York Eyeshadow or Eye Liner Save $1.00/1
Maybelline New York Mascara Save $1.00/1
Seventh Generation Product Excludes single roll paper towels Save $1.00/1
Smucker’s Fruit Spread and Jif Peanut Butter Save $1.00 when you buy both
Starbucks Ice Cream Save $1.00/1 pint
Starbucks New Coffee Ice Cream Pint Save $1.50/1
Visine Save $2.00/1 ETS


:::Smart Source 8/8/10:::

Activia 4 pack, 8 pack, 12 pack, or 24 oz Save $1/1 (9/12)
Air Wick Aqua Mist B1G1F to Save $3.29 (9/19)
Air Wick Scented Oil twin refill pack or 2 single refills Save $1/1 (9/19)
Air Wick Freshmatic Compact i-motion Starter Kit Save $4/1 (9/19)
Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra i-motion Starter Kit Save $4/1 (9/19)
Butterball Oven Roasted, Deep Fried, Honey Smoked, or Cherry Wood Smoked Fully Cooked Turkey Breast Save $1.50/1 (10/31)
Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A eye drops Save $1/1 (10/31)
Bausch & Lomb Alaway Antihistamine Eye drops Save $4/1 (10/31)
Blue Natural Dog or Cat food Save $5/1 (8/30)
Buddig Deli Cuts Save $1/1 (11/30)
Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Total Enamel Strength, Total Advanced Clean or Total Advanced Fresh Toothpaste 4oz+ Save $1/1 (8/28)
Command product Save $.75/1 (9/12)
Dannon Light & Fit 4 pack Save $.50/1 (9/5)
Dole All Natural Fruit Save $.75/1 (10/31)
Dulcolax Balance Save $3/1 (10/31)
Farmland 12 or 16 oz Hickory Smoked Bacon Save $.55/1 (10/31)
Jello Refrigerated Pudding, Gelatin or Mousse Save $.60/1 (9/8)
Kotex Pads Save $2/2 (9/191)
Kotex Liners 33 ct+ Save $1.50/2 (9/19)
Kotex Tampons Save $1.50/2 (9/19)
U by Kotex Pads, Liners, or Tampons Save $1/1 (9/19)
Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Save $/11 (9/8)
Nabisco Cookies or Crackers 4.86 oz+ Save $.75/2 (9/5)
Pert Plus 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 Save $1/1 (9/30)
Physicians Formula Save $1/1 (10/31)
Reynolds Wrap Foil Save $.75/1 (9/30)
Schick Hydro Razor Save $5/1 (9/30)
Schick Hydro Shave Gel Save $1/1 (9/30)
Schick Hydro Refill Save $2/1 (9/30)
Scotch Precision or Multi-Purpose Scissors Save $1/1 (10/31)
Horizon products excluding individual single serves Save $1/1 (10/31)
Scotch Pop-Up Tape Deskgrip Dispenser or Refill Pack Save $1/1 (11/19)
Scotch Magic Tape Save $1/3 (11/19)
Scotch Magic Tape Save $1/3 (11/19)
Sea Breeze Save $1/1 (9/30)
Shout Color Catcher Save $.55/1 (9/25)
Shout Save $.55/1 (9/25)
Shout Save $2/2 (9/25)
Sunny D Save $.25/1 (11/30)
Sure Antiperspirant & Deodorant Save $1/1 (9/30)
3 Trident, Dentyne or Stride gum 3 pack bags, or 3 bottles of Dentyne or Trident gum, or 3 bags of Swedish Fish, Sour Patch 8 oz+ or Halls Save $2/1 (10/31)
6 Trident, Dentyne or Stride gum 3-pack bags or 6 bottles of Dentyne or Triden gum, or 6 bags of Swedish Fish, Sour Patch 8 oz+ or Halls Save $4/1 (10/31)
Unisom Save $1/1 (10/31)
White Cloud or WC GreenEarth Save $1/1 (10/18)
Ziploc Big Bags or Flexible Totes Save $1/1 (9/25)
Ziploc Bags Save $1/2 (10/2)
Ziploc containers Save $1.50/2 (10/2)




Weekly Wrap-up 7/25 to 7/31 July 31, 2010

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Spent: $18.15

($22.18 w/tax)

Saved: $85.59

79% Savings


Home Depot:

Spent: $2.20

($2.41 w/tax)

Saved: $15.74

86% Savings

Thanks to my friend Kristin for the heads up on this one!!!



Spent: $0.29

($1.92 w/tax)

Saved $17.00

99% Savings!!!

I made money on the First Aid Kits and razors…  I probably should have bought something practical like food with the overage, but I REALLY liked the pencil pouch!  So I got it for a make up bag for my upcoming trip home!  🙂



Spent: $0.07

($0.84 w/tax)

Saved: $22.86

99.9% Savings!

I also went back just now to use some expiring RRs to buy my hubby a padfolio for school/church.  He’s had his eye on it for a few weeks and asked me earlier this week if I would work towards getting him enough RRs to buy it so we didn’t have to spend money out of pocket for it.  He was so sweet and I love that he thought of using coupons for it!  Well, I had $6 that are expiring in the next couple days and I’m really not excited about anything at Walgreens next week so we went and got that for him.  🙂  I am now RRless!  😦



Spent: $0.30

($1.21 w/tax)

Saved $12.86

98% Savings

:::So here are my totals:::

Spent: $21.01

($28.56 w/taxes)

Saved: $154.05

86% Savings this week!


:::July’s Totals!:::


Spent: $111.39

($150.82 w/tax)

Saved: $647.12

83% Savings for the month of July!

Over all, I did pretty well this month.  It’s the first month I’ve tracked my spending so closely and I’ll be honest with you, I was a little shocked to see that I’d spent so much!  My goal is to get spending down to $100 a month on food and toiletries, including taxes!!  Next month may be a little off because of vacation, but I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on how #’s are looking!  🙂




Free Men’s or Boy’s Haircut at SportClips!!!! July 28, 2010

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Make sure you check your coupons you get in the mail today. I found a flyer for SportClips that has two coupons on it. One for A FREE Men’s or Boy’s Haircut for 1st Time Clients Only and one for $5 off a MVP Haircut for Loyal Returning Customers. Good until September 9th. Looks like the hubby’s getting a haircut! YAY