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Why pay full price when you can get it for free or nearly free?

Walgreens 5/30 Spent $11.62, saved $115.21!!!! May 31, 2010

Filed under: Moneymaker,Wags — Beth @ 2:04 am

Okay, so I may have gone overboard a bit today at Walgreens but there were just so many great deals!  I started with no Register Rewards at all.  I would have ended with 4 2RR from the Ecotrin but my coffee maker died this past week and so when I found one for $9.99 I got really excited!

Here’s what I got this week:
11 cans Bumblebee Tuna
2 Luster White toothpaste
2 U by Kotex Pads
2 U by Kotex Liners
2 Coppertone 30spf sunscreen (you can’t see it in the pic very well, but they are both 25% bonus cans!)
12 Ecotrin asprin
9 Royal Gelatin
2 W Foil
2 Nivea for Men bodywash
1 4 cup Coffee Maker
Total oop: $11.62 tax included and saved $115.21!!!  Whoazaa!
Oh!  The Kotex was printing catalina coupons as well so I have 2 free Always pads and 1 free Always liner (the catalina printer ran out of paper on the first one, I was just happy it was on a coupon and not a RR)

All in all I did 19 transactions (I told you I went a bit overboard! lol)

12 transactions for the Ecotrin, each gave me 2RR
Ectorin $2
Used $2/1 5/16RP or printable
$0.19 oop each

4 transactions for the U.  Each gave me $2.50RR
U by Kotex $3.49
2 BumbleBee Tuna $0.69 w/in-ad coupon
Royal Gelatin $0.20 w/in-ad q
Used $1/1 U by Kotex Printable
2 $2RR from Ecotrin
$0.54 oop each

2 transactions for the Luster White.  Each gave me $5.00RR
Luster White 7 Toothpaste
Royal Gelatin $0.20 w/in-ad coupon
Used 2 $2.50RR from U
$0.72 oop each

1 transaction for both the Coppertone. 
2 Coppertone Continuous Spray 30spf Sunscreen $9.99
3 BumbleBee Tuna $0.69 w/in-ad coupon
Used 2 $4/1 W Coppertone
2 $2/1 Coppertone Printable (no longer avail)
2 $5.00RR from Luster
$1.39 oop

1 transaction for both the Nivea. This one was a money maker!!
2 Nivea for Men $4.99, on sale BOGO
2 W Foil $0.59 each with in-ad coupon
Used 2 $3/1 Nivea for Men 5/2RP
$0.76 oop

1 transaction for the Coffee Pot.
Coffee Pot $9.99
3 Royal Gelatin $0.20 with in-ad coupon
Used 4 $2RR from Ecotrin
$3.61 oop



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