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Weekly Wrap-Up 7/11-7/17 July 17, 2010

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Spent: $14.86

($18.14 w/tax)

Saved: $62.22

81% Savings!!!

I decided to take advantage of the “Buy 10 items, save $5” this week and stock up on cheese.  This will last us a while and when we’re back home next month, I’ll buy a bunch of Tillamook Cheese and ship it back!  YUM YUM!



Spent:  -$0.42

($0.99 w/tax)

Saved: 23.50

100% Savings!

In my first transaction (left) the cashier forgot to scan the in ad coupon for the Daisy and Deans, so she did a return and some how I ended up making money at Walgreens this week.   Not exactly sure how the math played out on that one, but it’s not exactly typical!  lol  I had some RR that were expiring and we needed toilet paper so I used them up this week.  I’m back to $0 RR!  I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to try to build my stock up again or just wait until we get back from vacation and take a break from Walgreens for a couple weeks… I’ll let you know what I decide!



Spent: $1.35

($2.74 w/tax)

Saved: 25.45

95% Savings!

Learned a good CVS lesson this week!  When you buy something that is Buy One, Get One the price of the second comes off at the VERY end.  I bought 4 of the Arizona teas because I was just under $2 short of $20 ( I had a $4 off $20 coupon) which put my oop at $1.35.  If I had know that the 2nd tea counted towards my initial $20 and only bought 2 teas, I could have had an oop of $0.36!  Oh well, I love tea so it’s all good!


:::So here are my totals:::

Spent: $15.74

(21.87 w/tax)

Saved: $111.17

That’s an 86% savings this week!!!


:::Monthly Totals:::

Spent: $49.37

($67.83 w/tax)

Saved: $297.35

84% Savings so far this month!!!



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