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Weekly Wrap-Up 8/1/10 to 8/7/10 August 6, 2010

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Spent: $1.57

(2.55 w/tax)

Saved: $34.69

96% Savings!!

Got some good clearance deals on my second trip this week.  My CVS had a bunch of their brand 2 liters for a quarter!  Yeah yeah!


Food City:

Spent: $6.78

($8.26 w/tax)


49% Savings

They were having a pretty decent Con Agra sale at Food City this week.  Buy 10, get $3 off automatically.  I paired that with the 30 cents off 2 Snack Packs and the $1.50 off 4 Con Agra items to get some cheap meals for when the hubby goes back to school.



Spent: $8.09

($9.65 w/tax)

Saved: $28.30

72% Savings!

I also got a gallon of milk that didn’t make it in the picture… I paired the General Mills 50% off sale with coupons (that Kroger doubled!) for some rockin’ deals on some snacks.  These will come in VERY handy on our trip next week.  I’ve been watching sales for a while now, trying to find some cheap snacks that are easy to pack so we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg at the airports!



Spent: $5.35

($6.07 w/taxes)

Saved: $25.01

79% Savings!

My Walgreens had these Photo Stamps on clearance for $4.99!!!  They are regularly $19.99!  Even better, I was out of stamps and these were cheaper than buying more at the post office and they’ve got my cute lil’ doggy on them!  🙂  I’m thinking I’m going to pic up another box next week if they still have some…



Spent: $3.91

($4.79 w/tax)

Saved: $6.00

45% Savings

Yet more travel things!  lol

So here’s my totals:

Spent: $25.70

($31.32 w/tax)

Saved: $107.24

76% Savings for the week


Monthly Totals so far:

It’s only week one, so same as above.  I’m a little over budget this week ($100/month) but I’m under what I was last month at this time!  🙂  I also bought some stuff this week that I normally wouldn’t buy, such as the fruit snacks and so many snack bars… I’m writing the overage off as ok since it’s for our trip home and the little extra out of the grocery budget will save us a ton at the airport!




Weekly Wrap-up 7/25 to 7/31 July 31, 2010

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Spent: $18.15

($22.18 w/tax)

Saved: $85.59

79% Savings


Home Depot:

Spent: $2.20

($2.41 w/tax)

Saved: $15.74

86% Savings

Thanks to my friend Kristin for the heads up on this one!!!



Spent: $0.29

($1.92 w/tax)

Saved $17.00

99% Savings!!!

I made money on the First Aid Kits and razors…  I probably should have bought something practical like food with the overage, but I REALLY liked the pencil pouch!  So I got it for a make up bag for my upcoming trip home!  🙂



Spent: $0.07

($0.84 w/tax)

Saved: $22.86

99.9% Savings!

I also went back just now to use some expiring RRs to buy my hubby a padfolio for school/church.  He’s had his eye on it for a few weeks and asked me earlier this week if I would work towards getting him enough RRs to buy it so we didn’t have to spend money out of pocket for it.  He was so sweet and I love that he thought of using coupons for it!  Well, I had $6 that are expiring in the next couple days and I’m really not excited about anything at Walgreens next week so we went and got that for him.  🙂  I am now RRless!  😦



Spent: $0.30

($1.21 w/tax)

Saved $12.86

98% Savings

:::So here are my totals:::

Spent: $21.01

($28.56 w/taxes)

Saved: $154.05

86% Savings this week!


:::July’s Totals!:::


Spent: $111.39

($150.82 w/tax)

Saved: $647.12

83% Savings for the month of July!

Over all, I did pretty well this month.  It’s the first month I’ve tracked my spending so closely and I’ll be honest with you, I was a little shocked to see that I’d spent so much!  My goal is to get spending down to $100 a month on food and toiletries, including taxes!!  Next month may be a little off because of vacation, but I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on how #’s are looking!  🙂




Weekly Wrap-up 7/18-7/24 July 24, 2010

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Spent: $3.82

($7.27 w/tax)

Saved: $54.97

95% Savings!

Started with ZERO RR and ended with $10RR so over all a 6.18 MM!  Yay for a good Walgreens week!



Spent $24.57

($28.51 w/tax)

Saved $78.78

69% Savings

Oh my goodness!  It was a good week at Kroger!  Free cheese, soap, crackers, and rice cakes.  And nearly free Rice a Roni, Idahoan potatoes, and Q-tips!  Yeah yeah!



Spent: $13.61

($17.47 w/tax)

Saved $32.00

58% Savings!

Thanks to Christie over at Wild For Wags for the Pampers coupons!  I won them a few weeks back and was excited to see that Wal-Mart still had some!



Spent: $0.01

($2.18 w/tax)

Saved: $29.97

100% Savings!!!!


:::So here are my totals:::
Spent: $42.01

($55.43 w/tax)

Saved: $195.72

79% Savings this week!


:::Monthly Totals:::

Spent: $90.38

($123.26 w/tax)

Saved: $493.07

82% Savings so far this month!



Weekly Wrap-Up 7/11-7/17 July 17, 2010

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Spent: $14.86

($18.14 w/tax)

Saved: $62.22

81% Savings!!!

I decided to take advantage of the “Buy 10 items, save $5” this week and stock up on cheese.  This will last us a while and when we’re back home next month, I’ll buy a bunch of Tillamook Cheese and ship it back!  YUM YUM!



Spent:  -$0.42

($0.99 w/tax)

Saved: 23.50

100% Savings!

In my first transaction (left) the cashier forgot to scan the in ad coupon for the Daisy and Deans, so she did a return and some how I ended up making money at Walgreens this week.   Not exactly sure how the math played out on that one, but it’s not exactly typical!  lol  I had some RR that were expiring and we needed toilet paper so I used them up this week.  I’m back to $0 RR!  I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to try to build my stock up again or just wait until we get back from vacation and take a break from Walgreens for a couple weeks… I’ll let you know what I decide!



Spent: $1.35

($2.74 w/tax)

Saved: 25.45

95% Savings!

Learned a good CVS lesson this week!  When you buy something that is Buy One, Get One the price of the second comes off at the VERY end.  I bought 4 of the Arizona teas because I was just under $2 short of $20 ( I had a $4 off $20 coupon) which put my oop at $1.35.  If I had know that the 2nd tea counted towards my initial $20 and only bought 2 teas, I could have had an oop of $0.36!  Oh well, I love tea so it’s all good!


:::So here are my totals:::

Spent: $15.74

(21.87 w/tax)

Saved: $111.17

That’s an 86% savings this week!!!


:::Monthly Totals:::

Spent: $49.37

($67.83 w/tax)

Saved: $297.35

84% Savings so far this month!!!



Olay Total Effects FREE at Kroger! June 9, 2010

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I was running a bunch of errands last night and just happened to walk down the bosywash aisle at Kroger.  SO glad I did!!!  They have the Olay Total Effects bodywash for $3.85.  Use the $4/1 coupon from the 6/6 P&G for some free body wash!  For those of you in JC, the Sunset Kroger is out but State of Franklin had about 8 left.  I’m really looking forward to using this, it seems really creamy and it smells great!